Thursday, September 3, 2009

Class of 2012 Rankings

There is some movement in our rankings, but the one that everyone will be talking about is the change at the #1 spot. That's right, Marcus Paige has taken over the throne after having a stellar summer leading his team to a ton of victories and looking very good against some of the best players in the country. On the other hand, Wesley Staten was not seen or heard from much. We still like his size and athleticism, but out of sight, out of mind.

Ultra-quick point guard, Dwight Sistrunk, moved up a few spots after having a very nice run this summer. He is still small, but he is the real deal. Kale Abrahamson also jumped up a few spots by proving he has a knack for making the jumper. Another riser is guard Darren Stringfellow.

We aren't sure what to make of this class just yet, but there is certainly some very good talent from top to bottom. We are excited to see what happens this winter when they play for a shot at the state tournament. Remember, this is the last time we will update the rankings until after the high school season is over.

1. Marcus Paige 5-11 Linn-Mar
2. Wesley Staten 6-1 Sioux City West
3. Adam Woodbury 6-8 Sioux City East
4. Dwight Sistrunk 5-6 Des Moines Hoover
5. Casey Kasperbauer 6-0 Carroll
6. James Harrington 5-10 Cedar Falls
7. Taylor Olson 6-0 Cedar Rapids Jefferson
8. Teyshawn Campbell 5-8 Cedar Rapids Jefferson
9. Corey Meyers 5-10 Ankeny
10. Anthony Shaw 6-2 Iowa City High
11. Kale Abrahamson 6-3 West Des Moines Valley
12. Amarra Darboh 6-2 West Des Moines Dowling
13. Jerel Moore 6-3 Iowa City High
14. Jeremy Johnson 5-11 Iowa City High
15. Sam Skogen 5-10 Mason City
16. Trey Sathoff 6-3 Pekin
17. Cole Pedersen 6-3 Waukee
18. Kade Olson 6-0 Iowa Falls
19. Darren Stringfellow 5-11 Davenport West
20. Austin Stubbs 6-2 Des Moines Christian
21. Jordan Hay 6-5 North Cedar
22. Louie Ingoli 6-2 Des Moines East
23. Jordan Stotts 6-2 Waukee
24. Dillon Godfrey 6-6 Sioux City East
25. Conner Schabel 6-3 Ankeny
26. Zach Burnham 6-5 Davenport Assumption
27. Josiah Coleman 6-4 Cedar Rapids Kennedy
28. Nick Hughes 6-1 Bettendorf
29. Scott Bruxvoort 6-3 Altoona
30. Elliot Christians 6-7 Cedar Rapids Kennedy

Just missed: JC Abrahamson, Kyle Rosacker, Austin Perry, Andrew Fritz, Carter Valentine, Michael Carney, Connor Coleman, Luke Schafer, Dan Amelon, Austin Vaske, Cole Meyers, Adam Paulsen, Gabe Summerhays, Griffin Gaeta.


  1. This list is not an accurate representation of the 2012 class. Several players are completely out of order. Some highly ranked players ranked aren't even starters on their summer team or play on the second teams? Bruxvoort @ 29 and also on Just Missed list? Appears to be poor preparation on the development of this list.

  2. Campbell at #8??, Skogen at #15, Olsen at #18, Stubbs at #20 and Stotts at #23? Not sure on these..

  3. IA Hoops you didn't do your homework on this class. Barnstormers didn't compete this summer on AAU circuit compared to Attack and MB. Olson, Campbell, Shaw too high. Look at W/L record and how competitive the tournaments are. Need to move up Attack & MB players that competed at national level. Where is Luethje?

  4. I believe Adam Woodbury is now 6'10" or 6'll".

  5. Just because a team competes at a competitive tournament doesn't mean that the players on that team should be rated higher. From what I can tell this list is based on players' talent level not the prestige of the club team they play on. Shaw, Campbell, and Olson are quality players and the administrator of this site's job is to sift through the politics of club teams and rate the players...the players! I think this list is freakishly accurate.

  6. With all due respect to the last poster, I think the list is freakishly inaccurate. I agree that it doesnt matter what team you play on, but c'mon....the list is not very good. Scott Bruxvoort below some of the post players listed is a complete joke; and there are several other examples I could list.

  7. Players make up a team. IF the team is winning, it means that the players are higher level of talent and know how to win-not be about individual stats. Go to Iowa Hoops own evaluation of the teams of Class of 2012. "3. Iowa Barnstormers – Sometimes this team looked very, very good and at other times looked very, very bad. They have some talent, but just don’t seem to have the maturity or leadership to keep them focused on playing to win."

  8. It has nothing to do with the 'prestige' of the club. It has to do with the talent of the team of players put together that know how to win.

  9. IA Hoops - Sistrunk ahead of Kasperbauer? Even though they play different positions, Casey scored 30+ pts several times this summer; just lighting it up behind the arc. A couple guys ahead of him are just not that talented at this point; Woodbury I guess is rated on potential, because he still has a long way to go; but you certainly have to like his height, which is inaccurately listed at 6'8"; he's at least 6'10".

  10. sistrunk in frontof kasperbauer?? hahahahahaha.. this site makes me laugh

  11. Kasperbauer is more one dimensional than Sistrunk. Sistrunk is way more athletic, way faster, and can do more things with the ball in his hands than Kasperbauer. Kasperbauer is a shooting guard, but at the next level he is going to have to move to the point guard postion becasue of his lack of size for the SG position and Dwight is just flat out a better point guard than Casey.

  12. Sistrunk is 5'8" at best with a marginal jump shot - how does that project at the next level?

  13. No way Sistrunk is "more" athletic than Kasperbaur. Maybe equal, but not better. Casey high jumps and can dunk at 6'. Casey is as fast as anyone on the court. Agree he will have to improve his handles to become a point in college, but he has 3 yrs to do so.

  14. Sistruck needs to grow. Period

  15. Sistrunk will prolly top out at 5-9 or 5-10. The kid is just starting his sophomore year for goodness sake, he still has 2-3 years of growing left to do. I agree that the #4 spot is a valid and deserving rank for Dwight, and I also think this is a solid list of rankings overall.

    If anybody has a list they would like to post I would love to see it. If not, then pipe down.

    Rian from the Siouxer

  16. Tyler Morrison from west delaware he is a great play maker with the ball he never makes bad decisions looks very calm out on the floor...should be considered top 15

  17. Dwight can grab rim so i think it's safe to say who's more athletic for their height...And he should be in the same coversation as paige and staten

  18. Sistrunk is athletic, but even the most biased parent/fan wouldnt put him in the same conversation with Staten or Paige

  19. I agree with the last poster. I am a HUGE fan of Dwight and think he is a great player, but I would not put him in the conversation with Staten or Paige yet. But I believe in time he will be.

  20. Burnham isn't at Davenport Assumption anymore. Transferred at the end of the year to Davenport Central.

  21. Once thing about Dwight Sistruck Jr, is that he has style

  22. Tarez Harper from DM Lincoln, plays for the Attack, check him out!

  23. alec clasen? check this kid out from xavier. solid jumpshot and probably one of the best athletes in the class

  24. Stubbs, Scotts, Olsen and many others are not where they should be listed. This is inaccurate.

  25. michael carney is better than at least half of the players on this list.

  26. agreed. he has taken strives in his game as of late. quikstats has him averaging around 15 for a talented dmc team. careny will see his stock rise.

  27. Just wanted to point out some really positive things that are happening for the Class of 2012 and give iahoops credit for doing such a stellar job with their top 10 rankings for this class. After checking out the current high school rankings it is blaringly obvious that unlike some of iahoops "competitors" that iahoops does a good job of scouting and even predicting the impact these players will have. Seven of their top ten players are in a position to make a run for the 4A State Championship! These players are doing what needs to be done to help their teams win and they should be recognized for that. They all have different roles but are ALL leaders on their respective teams. They rarely leave the court and always make a contribution! 1. Marcus Paige- Linn Mar (#2) 3. Adam Woodbury- Sioux City East (#5) 4. Dwight Sistrunk- Des Moines Hoover (#4) 6. James Harrington- Cedar Falls (#7) 7. Taylor Olson- CR Jefferson (#3) 8. Teyshawn Campbell- CR Jefferson (#3) The class of 2012 is going to have a major pesence in Des Moines this March and it will be truly fun to watch!

  28. Gustavo Rodrigues, brazilian.. is going to red oak, ia in july.. keep an eye on him. Kid can play.

  29. These rankings need a post AAU season update. Some of these players have grown in skill and in size. For instance, Kale Abrahamson is now 6-6, and I think he can easily be moved up in ranking to somewhere between spots 4-6.